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The Caves of Ceres

An Age of Aether novella

by Sawyer Grey
Coming Summer 2012

Commander Allen Warren brought the surviving members of the disastrous first Mercury expedition home, only to find still greater personal disasters awaiting him. Fleeing a step ahead of the authorities, he takes refuge in the worst slums of London, pursued by both the police and the Royal Navy for desertion. It is there that Mrs. Margaret Wylie, troubleshooter extraordinaire of the Empire, tracks him down and makes him an offer he can't refuse. Two expeditions sent to occupy the old Martian base on the asteroid Ceres have vanished without a trace. Commander Warren will lead the third.

Sample Chapters

Part 1 - Spitalfields, June 11, 1890
Part 2 - RNS Antigon, August 8, 1890