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City of Mists

Book 1 of The Age of Aether

by Sawyer Grey
Published: March 17, 2012

Jack Branham knew Mars better than any Earth man alive, but when he exposed the corruption of the chartered companies there, his enemies kidnapped him and shipped him to Hong Kong, where the watchful eyes of the East India Company could prevent him from causing more trouble. Now after years in exile, the very people who marooned him on Earth are sending him back to the red planet on a secret mission - tracking down a missing Royal Geographical Society expedition to the ancient ruins of Odusar, the City of Mists.

To uncover the truth behind the expedition's disappearance, Jack will have to fight his way across two worlds - against Company thugs, anarchists, and the fierce barbarian tribes of Mars - with only the promise of death by Company assassins awaiting him if he succeeds.

Sample Chapters

Chapter 1 - A Night in Hong Kong
Chapter 2 - A Secret Mission
Chapter 3 - The Airship Zambesi
Chapter 4 - Attacked by Sky Pirates
Chapter 5 - Singapore
Chapter 6 - A Voyage by Aethership
Chapter 7 - Return to Mars
Chapter 8 - Secret Mission Revealed

Cydonia to Odusar