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Kingdom of the Silver Sea

Book 2 of The Age of Aether

by Sawyer Grey
Coming Spring 2012

After years in exile on Earth, Jack Branham finally returned to Mars. Now agents of the Tharsis Company have abandoned him to die in the ruins of the ancient Martian city Odusar, while anarchists have kidnapped the beautiful Charlotte, the woman he loves. Jack must survive duels between mighty airships, attacks by Martian assassins, and the terrible dust storms that sweep across the face of the entire planet to follow their trail into the uncharted wilds of southern Mars. There, hidden inside a ring of lofty mountains, he discovers a lost civilization on the shores of the mysterious Silver Sea. In the magnificent city of Kor Vosheth, he must defeat a cabal of priests and princes to save the throne of the young queen who holds his only hope of resuming his quest—or of dooming it forever.

Sample Chapters

Chapter 1 - Trapped in Odusar
Chapter 2 - The Death of Kent
Chapter 3 - Return to Stanleyville
Chapter 4 - The Vengeance of Mor Teral
Chapter 5 - Assassins in Ehnvar Darsic
Chapter 6 - The Karthasa
Chapter 7 - The Silver Sea
Chapter 8 - Among the Martians

The Silver Sea Region